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The Algiers 1 University Business Incubator is an incubator that operates Under the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, its primary focus is on nurting skilled entrepreneurs, students and researchers.

Business Incubator Contributes to:

  • Promoting Suntainable Development,
  • Promotion and Development,
  • Employment creation,
  • Prevent market failure.

Business Incubator Contributes to supporting innovation in Startups by incubating Projects between the startup Phase and the growth Phase of business establishments.

Business Incubator provides Students and Researchers (Entrepreneurs) whit the necessary means and information for the creation and development of their Projects in the best conditions, especialy in the phases to lead that projects from th initial Stage untill its completion.

Goal of Bussiness Incubator:

The aim goal of business incubator of university is in Supporting and Accompanying the creationof Startups by University Students and Researchers, through Financial, Technical, and Administrative Support.


  • Create a Healthy Startup Atmosphere,
  • Entrepreneurial Framing,
  • Providing Training courses in all Aspects of projects,
  • Provide all Possibilities to facilitate project implementation,
  • Organizing Innovation Challenges (also known as innovation competition, idea competition),
  • Ensure that the Project is new and keep abreast of the age.


  • Algerian National Institute and Industrial Property – INAPI,
  • National Agency for the Promotion and Research and Technological Devepment – ANVREDET,
  • National Agency for Support and Development of Entreneurship – ANADE.


In 2023, Business Incubator of Algiers 1 University has 54 projects.

Projects are divided into the three following Groups:


Start ups,